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IXA valorisation news
Just 5 days left to sign up your idea for the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award

Do you have an in
novative and useful idea with commercial or societal impact?
Take 15 minutes and send us your idea and have a chance to win € 10,000,-! Deadline 11 March.

Participating in this contest will give you an excellent opportunity to develop your idea further, explore its potential and expose it to a wider audience. It will also give you the opportunity to be matched to a tailored group of companies, societal organisations and entrepreneurs, based on your unique profile during our Science & Business program prior to the Award ceremony. Former finalists and Alexander Rinnooy Kan explains why you should sign up.
More information and sign up

OPNT closes on over €500k investment from Cottonwood

Technology Fund, an affiliate of the top performing seed stage investor in science based technology start-ups in the US.
With this investment OPNT will launch a competitive and secure alternative to GPS receivers for synchronization of 4G mobile Internet infrastructure, allowing them to operate without sensitive GPS- receivers and which enables faster wireless Internet.
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UvA researchers develop methods for provenance determination of roses

Is a flower or food crops actually grown in the Netherlands? Are the roses that I buy for Valentine's Day produced 'fair'? Together with the independent knowledge centre Naktuinbouw, researchers at the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences at the University of Amsterdam have developed forensic tests to determine the origin of plants. In partnership with rose grower Rosa Natura methods are developed to identify the origin of roses. Read more (in Dutch).

VUmc closes license agreement with Lameris Ootech BV to diagnose squint (strabismus) accurately in children

VU University Medical Center has developed a new device through close collaboration between clinicians and technicians. Using new eye-tracking technology combined with intelligent software position and viewing direction of both eyes can be determined simultaneously. Strabismus (squint) measurements with children will be much more accurate. Lameris- Ootech, supplier specialized in ophthalmic products, has acquired a license to the device. Because the company already collaborated in this project with the Pontes Medical approach of VUmc they expect to commercially launch this product by the end of 2016. Read more (in Dutch).

Caelus Health concludes strategic partnership with Chr Hansen

The AMC-spin out biotech company Caelus Health is developing innovative products to prevent diabetes in people who have a reduced insulin sensitivity and are at risk of developing diabetes.

The products of Caelus are based on microbiota, microorganisms in the human gut, which have demonstrated the ability to improve the insulin sensitivity. In close cooperation with the Danish company Chr. Hansen a freeze dried powder (like Nescafé) will be developed and production will be scaled up to Industrial level. Read more.

VUmc professor Tom Würdinger to US biotech firm Illumina

Tom Würdinger and his research team at VU University Medical Center have developed a diagnostic technology, which allows early detection of cancer. They discovered that platelets from patients with cancer contain unique genetic RNA-patterns, which makes it possible to distinguish patients with and without cancer. Würdinger will develop this technology further in the United States. Read more.

Election Compass USA 2016
Kieskompas, a spin-off company of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, has developed  the Election Compass USA 2016 to help American voters make an informed choice in the upcoming presidential elections. In collaboration with newspaper “Trouw”, Kieskompas has also developed a Dutch version of this Election Compass. Dutch people can now "watch and participate" in the US election. Read more (in Dutch).

Valorisation workshops
Breakfast workshops on valorisation

IXA is organising a new series of workshops in the form of breakfast sessions on various valorisation topics. The breakfast workshops are open to all scientists from AMC, HvA, UvA, VU, VUmc and NWO Institutes. Participation is free of charge and breakfast will be served. The workshops are very practical and aimed to get you started immediately. Read more.

How to valorise successfully, Thursday 10 March, 8:30-10:30

Do you have an idea with societal or commercial potential but you don’t know what steps you should take to be successful? In this workshop we will go through the entire valorisation process; from the starting point to the further development of the idea, the organisation around the valorisation process, the legal aspects and identifying your network.
For more information and registration.

The next step in valorisation, Thursday 24 March, 8:30-10:30
Generating ideas is not too difficult. To make your idea more concrete is usually more complicated. Which steps are to be taken? In this interactive workshop we show different models to develop your idea one step further: What are the benefits? And which problem will you solve for whom? And how do you organise your valorisation activities?
For more information and registration

Patent workshop, Thursday 17 March, 15:00-17:00
What is Intellectual Property? What is a patent? Why should I apply for it?
What can I use it for? What’s in it for me?
In this workshop these and other questions are being addressed. The patent workshop is a highly interactive program, with much room for questions and discussions.
For more information and registration

How to create a successful collaboration? Thursday 7 April, 8:30-10:30
You have interesting research results or a great new idea, and you hope they can benefit society. To bring them to societal use, often a company has to be interested in taking your idea further. . But how do you know your results are interesting to a company? In this workshop you will get an overview of what industry is looking for, and how you can prepare yourself to enter into a dialogue with industry. 
For more information and registration.
Save the Date: Where Science meets Business, Thursday 26 May

Are you looking for innovative ideas valuable to your own business? Don't miss the chance to participate in the Science & Business Program. Prior to the festive finale of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award, researchers and students present their ideas to entrepreneurs who are keen to discover more about the latest developments and innovative ideas.

Alexander Rinnooy Kan tells you why you should hear all about these brilliant ideas.

Science & Business Program: more information and sign up

Applications are open for ACE Venture Lab Bootcamp!

Learn how to build your science or high-tech company!
On May 9-13 ACE Venture Lab organizes a 5-day intensive training program for researchers, senior scientists and MSc students that want to convert their science or high-tech idea into a feasible company. We invite a team of Silicon Valley specialists and startup experts to mentor you on launching your business. Interested to join? Read more about the program and apply here!

Course in Entrepreneurship for PhD students in Humanities and Social Sciences (2 ECs)

Join the Entrepreneurship course and experience all the challenging aspects of starting a company!
This course aims to instruct PhDs students (social sciences, behavioral sciences, humanities, law and theology) on how to start their own company or new ventures within the existing organization based on their own PhD research or related ideas. Next to being a PhD student in one of aforementioned fields, the only selection criterion is the participants’ startup idea/research subject and its market potential.
Read more

Valorisation grant news
Three projects received a Take-off grant for academic entrepreneurship

Three projects of VU and VUmc have received a STW take-off grant of € 40,000 for a feasibility study. The Amsterdam Stress Lab from Susanne de Rooij (VU), Talent and game insight from Geert Savelsbergh (VU) and  ISA: Instrumented Spasticity Assessment for children and adults from Janine Sikkens. With this Take-off grant  academic entrepreneurs gain time and resources to explore if their plan or pilot is technically and commercially feasible for knowledge utilization. Read more (in Dutch).


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