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2019 week 14
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KIN Talk Marten de Jong - 5 April

Partner architect at the Amsterdam based firm de Architekten Cie, Marten de Jong works on retail, housing, office and education projects. The focus of his experience is with the sustainable (re)development of areas, buildings, recent heritage, and protected cultural landscapes, where he champions adding value in an increasingly dense urban environment.

The Talk will be held on 5 April from 16:30 till 17:30 in the pantry of the fifth floor.
Join Martin for our upcoming KINTalk, where he will give us more insight into how he and his company are using digital innovation in bringing the circular economy to the building industry. More information and registration.

ABRI PhD Research Seminar Folker Pieterse - 9 April
Folker Pieterse will present his paper titled "Network perspective on private equity funds and market strategies of portfolio companies" on 9 April at 16:00 in HG 5A-37. This will be followed at 17:00 with drinks in the Basket.
ARCA Seminar Job Mangelmans - 8 April
Job Mangelmans (VU, finance department) will present his paper titled: “Implied Growth Horizons and the Cost of Equity?”
This seminar will take place on Monday, April 8 from 12.00 to 14.00 in 8A-44 VU main building.
To register for the ARCA seminar, please send an email to: l.m.abinta@vu.nl
KIN Seminar Kristine Dery - 12 April

Kristine Dery from MIT is an expert on Employee Experience and Digital Work. She will hold a seminar on Friday April 12 (12:00-13:00) about “Dare to be digital, the employee experience”. She will talk about ongoing case studies and what is currently happening at companies in terms of employee experience.

Please register by sending an email to Julia Schlegelmich before 9 April.

April 16 | 12:00 - 13:00 | HG-05A37
ABRI Seminar Pietro Micheli | Design thinking for digital transformation | Register here
April 23 | 15:00 - 17:00 | Amsterdam Business School
IXAnext presents two new Entrepreneurship Cases | Radically Open Security (ROS) and The Next Web (TNW)
April 29 | 09:00 - 12:45 | Vrije Universiteit
18th Annual SERVUS Symposium | Mentoring in Cross-Cultural Communities
May 28 | 12:00 - 13:00 | HG-5A37
ABRI Lunch Seminar Jorgen Sandberg | Pre-understanding: an idea enabler in research | Register here
May 29 | 10:00 - 12:30 | OZW-6A10
ABRI Workshop Jorgen Sandberg | Generating more impactful research through problematization | Register here
June 13-14 | TBA | Vrije Universiteit
CIGAR Conference | Alternative views on Public Sector Accounting and Financial Management | Register here
June 19 | 09:15 - 17:30 | Vrije Universiteit
Masterclass SERVUS | The Gentle Art of Helping | Register here
24-27 June | TBA | Vrije Universiteit
KIN Summer School 2019
August 15 | 0:00 | Vrije Universiteit
Application Deadline Winter Conference FOM | Register here
October 24/25 | TBA | Amsterdam
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