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2019 week 43
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Conference Reshaping Work - 24/25 October

The rise of the platform economy has introduced a convenient way to match those in need of services to those who can offer them, and all with a click of a button. The number of so-called 'gig workers' or 'platform workers' is rising. What will the future of work look like?

On the 24 & 25 October 2019, academics, policymakers, business leaders and platform workers will come together to experience the future of work and find ways to shape it. We will convene this group of people during a two-day conference held in Amsterdam. Participants will get the latest insights, not only from policymakers, academics, and business leaders but also from platform workers themselves.

For more information please visit https://reshapingwork.net/

KIN Talent Event - 28 October

In today’s tight job market, highly-educated millennials who know what digitalization offers for businesses are in high demand. Within the business network, KIN offers their partners organisations access to top talent by providing the opportunity for networking and interaction with students, graduates and partners.

The Event will take place on 28 October from 14:00 til 19:00 at the 5th floor of the OZW building. For more information please click here.

ARCA Seminar Aasmund Eilifsen - 28 October
Aasmund Eilifsen (Norwegian School of Economics) will present his paper titled: 'Exploratory Study into the Use of Audit Data Analytics on Audit Engagements'.
Coauteurs are Finn Kinserdal, William F. Messier Jr., en Thomas E. McKee.
The seminar will be on 28 October from 12:00 till 14:00 in room HG 1A-58.
To register for the ARCA seminar, please send an email to: l.m.abinta@vu.nl
Anne-Madeleine Kranzbühler wins SERVSIG Best Dissertation Award 2018
In her dissertation „Orchestrating the customer journey: : Four essays on how to create meaningful customer experiences”, Anne-Madeleine Kranzbühler shed some more light on what currently seems to be the holy grail in practice—customer experience management—from a scientific perspective. Her dissertation was supervised by professors Mirella Kleijnen and Peeter Verlegh.
The award is initiated by SERVSIG, the Service Special Interest Group from the American Marketing Association. Candidates for the award much make a substantial contribution to service research (e.g., originality, theoretical foundations, methodological execution, value of the results to service scholars and managers). It is a great acknowledgement of early career achievement and on top of that, the winner receives $1000 (sponsored by Maastricht University). Three finalists presented their work during the QUIS16 conference in Karlstad, where Anne was announced the winner.

A brief review of the dissertation can be found here.
Please click on the events of interest for more details.
November 13 | 12:00 - 14:00 | 9A-33
ARCA Seminar Matthias Gnaegi | Register here
November 18 | 13:45 | Aula
PhD Defence M. Sharygina-Rusthoven | The Role of Context in Proactive and Voice Behavior
November 19 | 18:00 - 19:30 | Forum 3, room HG 1D-08
Part-time PhD Information Sessions | Register here
November 20 | 11:45 | Aula
PhD Defence Agota Szabo | Adoption of governance practices in hospitals: The role of directors’ multi-level frames in the governance decision-making process in the boardroom
November 22 | 12:00 - 13:00 | HG-9A33
ABRI Seminar Digital Innovation of Hybrid Artefacts | Phillip Hukal and Julian Lehmann | Register here
November 26 | 09:45 | Aula
PhD Defence Thomas Bosman | Relax, Round, Reformulate: Near-Optimal Algorithms for Planning Problems in Network Design and Scheduling.
November 26 | 13:00 - 14:00 | HG-5A36
Seminar Andrea Carugati | Success Driven Escalation: the Dark Side of Data Analytics Projects | Prof. Andrea Carugati (Aarhus University) | Register here
November 28 | 09:45 | Aula
PhD Defence Annelieke Baller | Improving Distribution Efficiency in Cash Supply Chains
November 28 | 12:00 - 14:00 | HG 8A-44
ARCA Seminar Mariëtte Kuiper | Register here
November 28 | 18:00 - 21:15 | Main Building VU
Info Session SBE Executive Education | Register here
December 9 | 11:45 | Aula
PhD Defence Sergey Gorbatov | Personal branding: Self-presentation in contemporary careers
December 18 | 12:00 - 14:00 | 8A-44
ARCA Seminar Joe Brazel | Register here
December 19 | 16:30 | De Veranda
End of Year Reception
March 5/6 | TBA |Vrije Universiteit
Conference Reshaping Work 2020 AI@work | Register here




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