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IXA valorisation news
Startup Village welcomes first companies

Startup Village, an initiative of Amsterdam Science Park, ACE Venture Lab and UvA Holding, is officially open for business with the occupancy of the first high-tech startups. This incubator is the first in a number of scientific incubators that are set up in Amsterdam. In the near future IXA will enable the opening of similar startup places in Amsterdam at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Campus and Academic Medical Center (AMC). Startup Village will expand to a complete village with several labs, event spaces, community space and a number of scale-up areas for fast-growing companies. Read more.

Opening Venture Lab Humanities

On November 2nd ACE Venture Lab officially opened a new incubator at the Humanities faculty of the University of Amsterdam. This new initiative provides enterprising staff, students and alumni of the Faculty of Humanities with a place to meet and inspire. ACE Venture Lab Amsterdam and IXA will organise training sessions - and tailor-made coaching - to provide support for starting their own business. Read more.
ADS and Elsevier: collaboration in datascience

Network organization Amsterdam Data Science (ADS), an initiative of UvA, VU, HvA and CWi signed an agreement with Elsevier. The collaboration aims at advancing data science research and education in Amsterdam. Both parties are embarking on a number of joint projects that will enable data scientists to access and share data and use the latest technology to collaborate and advance the field of data science together. Read more.

LUMC, AMC and Hoorstichting bring first online hearing test for companies

With a new online hearing test companies can screen the hearing of workers in an accessible way. Employees can do the ear screening independently on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. This first hearing test is specifically for people who work in noisy environments and has been developed by Leiden University Medical Center, Academic Medical Center and the National Hearing Foundation. Read more.
Fast growing spin-off company LUMICKS opens new HQ

LUMICKS, a Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam spin-off, is moving into its new office in the H2-wing of the W&N building on the university campus. Two years ago, LUMICKS started from a small corner in the same building and has now grown into a company with 20 employees and satisfied customers across the globe. They are celebrating this milestone with the grand opening of their ‘LUMICKS Headquarters’. Bart Klijsen (Director a.i. of IXA VU-VUmc) did perform the official opening. "The involvement of IXA to get to this point has been very important for us," says Olivier Heyning (CEO LUMICKS). Read more.

QVQ to license AMC’s antibodies against BMPs for imaging purposes
AMC and QVQ, a company based in Utrecht developing custom made single domain antibodies from llama, started collaborating in 2010 on the development of antibodies against Bone Morphogenic Proteins (BMPs). The resulting compounds were patented by AMC in 2014, with potential applications in treatment of several types of cancer, imaging and research.
Read more.
VU’s spin-off Optics11 ranked 7th place in the MKB Innovatie Top 100
VU’s spin-off Optics11 has been evaluated as the 7th most innovative company in the MKB Innovatie Top 100 ranking. The list was compiled under the patronage of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with De Financiële Telegraaf.
Read more.
Valorisation workshops
Breakfast workshops on valorisation
IXA is organising a new series of workshops in the form of breakfast sessions on various valorisation topics. The breakfast workshops are open to all scientists from AMC, HvA, UvA, VU, VUmc and NWO Institutes. Participation is free of charge and breakfast will be served. The workshops are very practical and aimed to get you started immediately. Read more.
How to finance your idea, Thursday 24 November, 8:30-10:30 (Science Park)

From valorisation grants to collaborating with companies
In this workshop we provide an overview of the financing possibilities in the different stages of the valorisation process. We are going to discuss the various types of valorisation grants and funds.
The utilisation paragraph will also be discussed.
And we will cover other forms of financing, like crowdfunding and collaborating with a company.
What is a company looking for and what are important criteria for them to collaborate?
For more information and registration.

Intellectual Property and Research Contracts, Thursday 8 December, 8:30-10:30 (AMC)
What should you take into account in collaborations with an external partner? What do you need to settle in a contract? Who is authorised to sign and should Intellectual Property (IP) always be included in a contract? In this workshop we will answer all these questions and we will also discuss IP and patenting briefly.
Bootcamp in Sustainable Chemistry, 14-18 November (Science Park)
HIMS and ACE Venture Lab launch the Sustainable Chemistry Bootcamp for MSc students, PhDs and postdoc. During one-week Bootcamp the participants will explore Sustainable Chemistry industry and market opportunity for their business idea, develop an adaptable business model and formulate a go-to-market strategy. The program will also cover the issues of intellectual property and the ways to communicate a business idea effectively. Read more.

CHAINS 2016: Chemistry Matters for the Future

NWO Chemical Sciences organises CHAINS (CHemistry As INnovating Science) 2016, the Dutch chemistry conference on 6, 7 & 8 December 2016. Read more.

Funding and grant news
Academic Proof of Concept (APCA)

Funding for a feasibility study.
Do you have an innovation or invention that needs further development, but its practical feasibility and/or the (commercial) exploitation opportunities are still uncertain? Then you may be eligible for funding from the Academic Proof of Concept Fund Amsterdam (APCA).

The first APCA grants awarded were, “Applying histatin 1 to improve integration of dental implants” by Jan Stap and Irene van Dijk (AMC) and “Identification of compounds that interfere with protein aggregation in Huntington’s Disease” by Eric Reits (AMC). Thanks to an earlier PoC funding, Jeroen Pronk of VU is now able to implement the Pestplotter into schools.

An application for the APCA fund can be done at IXA.  Read more.

Awarded grants

There have been awarded several grants last months: ERC Starting Grants for seven UvA researchersadditional UvA grant and AMC researcher
In the spotlight
IXA support in business development
Whenever an idea, innovation or (the possibility of) an invention pops up, the first thing to do is talk to the business developers at IXA.

‘When a researcher comes to IXA with an idea or invention the first thing we do, is enter into a dialogue’, says Willem Fokkema, business developer at IXA UvA-HvA and director of ACTA Dental Research BV. The IXA business developers are broadly oriented and experienced, and each of them is specialised in a certain scientific field. Read more.
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