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IXA valorisation news
Scale up Photanol to build demonstration plant at AkzoNobel site in Delfzijl

Photanol BV, an UvA spin-off, has closed a substantial new financing round to demonstrate its industrial capabilities to produce chemicals from CO2 and sunlight. Photanol uses modified cyanobacteria to produce chemicals from CO2 through photosynthesis. The demo plant is an essential step towards scaling up production of organic acids which can be used in biodegradable plastics, personal care products and as intermediates for the chemical industry. Read more.
Nico.lab to Australian stock exchange and North America
The Dutch healthtech company Nico.lab prepares for an IPO in Australia after the company has previously collected 3 million euros from Australian investors. In addition, Nico.lab will enter the US market. Nico.lab is the result of a collaboration between Amsterdam UMC and health tech venture builder NLC. With years of intensive clinical research in the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, the company has developed StrokeViewer®, a software product that significantly speeds up the diagnosis and treatment of strokes. Nico.lab now focuses on making StrokeViewer based on artificial intelligence (AI) available to more and more patients. Read more.

Pacmed wins Digital Impact Award 2018

Pacmed has won The Digital Impact Award 2018 with their machine learning at the Intensive Care project. Pacmed is working closely with Amsterdam UMC in this award-winning project. The annual award goes to an ICT project or product with an impact on society and the digital economy. Pacmed is working on the development of machine learning algorithms, with which the choice for discharge from the intensive care unit (IC) to the nursing ward can be supported. The IC for adults of Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, has been working with Pacmed since 2017. As an intensivist, the medical specialist at the IC, you want to treat these patients as well as possible, so they can be transferred to the regular nursing ward in a stable state and for further recovery. Read more.

The largest Dutch educational innovators join forces

Oefenweb, a spin-off from the UvA has been acquired by Prowise B.V. Prowise is a Dutch company that invests in innovation, quality and reliability in the field of digital learning solutions. Oefenweb is a provider of adaptive educational software. With the bundling of educational hardware and software expertise Prowise strengthens its products and services for all schools in primary and secondary education worldwide.
Read more.

Azafaros secures seed investment from BioGeneration Ventures
Azafaros, a biotech company, focusing on the development of new therapies in the field of rare metabolic disorders, announced the closing of a seed financing round. BioGeneration Ventures (BGV) is the founding investor.


Azafaros holds an exclusive license from Leiden University and Amsterdam UMC (location AMC) to a library of novel compounds and patents that were discovered by Professor Hans Aerts and his co-workers at Amsterdam UMC and Leiden University. Through a broad research collaboration Azafaros will benefit from the vast experience of the group led by Professor Hans Aerts to progress the technology.
Read more.
LUMICKS collaborates with AstraZeneca and the University of Cambridge

Together they form the first ever center of excellence for dynamic single-molecule analysis for accelerated drug discovery and biology. The center will be based around LUMICKS’ C-Trap™ optical tweezers–fluorescence microscope, which for the first time enables real-time observation and probing of biomolecular interactions. The approach will be pioneered in several pharmacology and biology assays with the aim of accelerating the discovery of potential new drugs. Read more.

Knowledge transfer in the spotlight during visit Lita Nelsen to the Netherlands

At the invitation of StartupDelta and the Association of Universities (VSNU), Lita Nelsen, former Director of Technology Licensing Office at MIT, was in the Netherlands for three days. Nelsen has thirty years of experience in valorisation, setting up and managing Knowledge Transfer Offices (KTO) and guiding university start-ups to the market. During her last day Lita Nelson visited the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and had an inspiring afternoon where she met with the rector magnificus and IXA. Lita shared her views on tech transfer which will be taken into account in determining future valorisation strategies. Read more.
EMA attracts medical industry to Amsterdam

European Medicines Agency EMA is not yet established in Amsterdam or pharma companies are already in line to come to Amsterdam. The first effects of the arrival of the EMA are already being felt.

The EMA effect is also good news for scientific research. Director Bart Klijsen of IXA VU-VUmc says, "In order to bring research to society, cooperation and participation with companies is indispensable. This requires a mature ecosystem. That is why the arrival of EMA is positive for the Netherlands and for the region. Although not all contacts are directly related to EMA, there is a lot more interest from the medical industry in Amsterdam." Read more.


AVS network boat tour during Amsterdam Capital Week (27 September)

Amsterdam Venture Studios organizes a networking event which facilitates investor start-up interactions to explore funding opportunities on Thursday 27 September.
Investors: meet university start-ups from Amsterdam Venture Studios network. Amsterdam Venture Studios facilitates start-up and growth of new impactful businesses from each of the University campuses in Amsterdam. Read more

ahti Connect: 'The digital doctor: AI versus IQ' (27 September)

Thursday September 27 the ahti Connect will be organised. Theme of this edition is 'The digital doctor: AI versus IQ'. Nowadays, we cannot think of a world where we don’t use machine learning. This also applies to care. With the use of machine learning, we try to find (complex) patterns in large amounts of data.
How does the role of medical professionals change as a result and what are the opportunities and the threats? Will we still be going to GPs in the future or will we receive advice from a computer? The speakers are Wouter Kroese is the co-founder of Pacmed and Bert-Jan van den Born is a vascular internist at the Amsterdam UMC and associate professor.
Read more.
IXA workshop: Introduction in valorisation (4 October)
What is valorisation and why is it relevant to my research? 
How do I make a start with valorisation?
I have an idea with societal or commercial potential but I don’t know how to take the first step to successfully valorise this idea.
In this workshop we will go through the entire valorisation process; from the starting point to the further development of the idea.
Read more and registration.

IXA one-day course: Working on your idea in one day (18 October)
From idea to a strategy to create impact.
In this one-day course we will take you through all the steps to bring your idea or research project to the market. In the morning you will work on developing your idea or research project into a business case. We will show different models for bringing your idea further. You will get insight in what stakeholders are looking for, and how to prepare yourself to enter into dialogue with them. Also how to map and activate your network will be addressed.

In the afternoon you will learn to attract attention for your idea/ research project and to yourself in network situations. You will be able to practice your elevator pitch and learn how to be more effective in making contact with companies or at a conference.
Read more and registration.

Explore Entrepreneurship with CERN technology (25 and 26 October)
Two-day program for MSc and PhD students of Exact sciences, Information studies and Business studies interested in entrepreneurship. Are you curious about entrepreneurship but do not have a concrete startup idea yet? ACE presents an immersive entrepreneurship program in collaboration with CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research.
Read more and registration.

Learn how to build your science or tech company! (Apply for 28 October)

Taught by a Silicon Valley expert and industry mentors

Do you dream of starting your own company but don’t know where to begin? Join the ACE Incubation Program, starts on November 12. ACE helps founders build their startup with 12 weeks of training and support by leading mentors and business coaches.  The Incubation program is exclusively designed for MSc students, researchers & industry experts. ACE provides the resources to build and grow your startup.
Read more and registration.
IXA workshop: Media session Science ON AIR (30 October)
A practical introduction in the world of mass and social media
Why should you put your precious time and energy in media appearances or social media? How do you get the attention of journalists? And what are the secrets of giving a good interview? An interview or a Twitter message can both boost and ruin your scientific career. This makes a well-considered media strategy a must have for every scientist.

This interactive session will introduce you into the world of mass and social media. You will learn how to formulate your personal media strategy and how to choose the right media to pro-actively use media for your purposes. You will also get a glimpse of the way journalists work and how you can help them find you and become interested in your message. Finally the basics of giving an interview will be addressed.
Read more and registration.
More upcoming IXA workshops

Patent workshop (8 November)
Social media workshop SCIENCE ONAIR (20 November)
How to fund you idea (29 November)
Intellecutal Property & Research Contracts (13 December)

Participation is free of charge and breakfast will be served. The workshops are very practical and aimed to get you started immediately. Read more.

News from valorisation program IXAnext
Pilot Starters4Communities

One of the subsidised projects from the IXAnext program is Starters4Communities.This program just started and is a collaboration between the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Starters4Communities. This program couples alumni with social start-ups to create new business or products. During the program all participants also get training through workshops from teachers of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.
Read more.
UvA Faculty of Law opens incubator
Per January 2019 UvA opens a Law Hub: a co-creative teaching/research/entrepreneurship space. The Hub will house legal clinics, innovative businesses, start-ups and socially conscious organisations that work in close collaboration with the teaching programmes at the ALS. The Law Hub is planned as a meeting place and co-creative space for students, researchers and legal professionals, and will provide a highly visible link between our faculty and society. Read more.
Funding news
Dutch National Research Agenda - Matchmaking events
Researchers who are employed at Dutch knowledge institutions can submit proposals for the organisation of matchmaking events, within one or more of the 25 routes of the Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA) from the portfolio for Research and Innovation. The purpose of the Matchmaking events is to form (new) consortia across the entire knowledge chain and developing proposals for innovative research. For each initiative, a maximum of € 10,000 can be applied for.

NWO believes it is important to financially support consortia with the organisation of matchmaking events, which have the aim of forming (new) consortia across the entire knowledge chain and developing proposals for innovative research.

Applications can be submitted at any moment and will be assessed on a continuous basis in 2018 and 2019. An application for a matchmaking meeting must be submitted to NWO at least six weeks before the date of the planned meeting. Read more.
New call: NWO crossover 2018
NWO announced a new call for interdisciplinary and knowledge-chain-wide consortia: NWO CROSSOVER 2018. Proposals need to address one or more of the H2020 Societal Challenges and connect several top sectors with other research agendas (such as the Dutch National Research Agenda NWA).
Deadline for the Expression of Interest is November 15, 2018 (full proposals: May 21, 2019).

If you are interested in submitting an Expression of Interest, please contact:
Karin Rade, Grants Desk VU/VUmc for VU and Amsterdam UMC-location De Boelelaan, subsidiedesk@vu.nl
Annette Dirac
, Grant Desk UvA-HvA, A.M.G.Dirac@uva.nl
Gepke Uiterdijk, Research Office AMC for Amsterdam UMC-location Meibergdreef, g.uiterdijk@amc.uva.nl

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