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Klein Bog Award to Mariana Stori and Svetlana Khapova
On Tuesday, January 12, during the online M&O New Year Breakfast the Klein Bog Awards for being a very special colleague has been presented to both Mariana Stori and Svetlana Khapova.
The Award has been named after Francine Klein Bog, who was a supporting assistant in the M&O department. She had a positive and uplifting vibe and a social view in the department. People say you instantly knew if she was there or not once you entered the office on the 4th. floor. She passed away, completely unexpectedly in November 2017.

Jana Retkowski, one of the winners of the Award in 2020 presented the Award to Mariana Stori.

Mariana communicates in a positive manner and writes in such a way that you unexpectedly get motivated about the issue at hand yourself. She has a peaceful ear and to listen to you even if the issue is not directly her duty. And she will help you in even if is not her responsibility. If she cannot help you directly, she will connect you to the right person. She also brought the PhD council to a new level. PhD students across departments M&O, economic, accounting, etc. became more connect throughout the online (!) year. There is a WhatsApp group now in which PhD students across the departments are connected every single day.

Brian Tjemkes presented the award on behalf of last year winner Christer Guldenmond. With honour and pleasure he declared Svetlana as the other recipient of the Klein Bog Award. During challenges times, professionally and privately, she has navigated the department not only to toward success, but also to act as one community. She is involved and committed in many activities and tasks, all to support the well-being of MO staff, while staff members are often not even aware of this devotion. She initiates many social activities to create bonds and connections, while considering departmental and personal interests. As there are no criteria other than the criteria used by last year’s recipients, it was deemed appropriate to recognize her efforts even tough Svetlana is head of the department.

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