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IXA valorisation news
Winner Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award

The winning idea of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2018 is the ability to measure the severity of the situation of a stroke patient in the ambulance, so he can be transported immediately to the right hospital for the right treatment. This innovative idea is developed by Jonathan Coutinho (neurologist, Amsterdam UMC) and Wouter Potters (technical physician, Amsterdam UMC). They came up with a mobile scanner for the ambulance that measures brain waves. The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2018 rewards the most innovative idea with a clear social or commercial application.

Jury chair Barbara Baarsma: “A scientifically unique and creative idea, but at the same time also of great social value with great opportunities for valorisation which are also being developed. Also economically relevant in a broader sense, if brain damage is limited, it will save costs.”

High Potential Award
The High Potential Award goes to Kasadaka, a project of André Baart (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) to develop apps for simple telephones in developing countries. In developing countries, mobile phones have changed the daily life just as much as here, but few people have access to the internet via their phone. To help them with apps that provide spoken information for illiterate people, Kasadaka wants to develop simple apps.

The jury: “André Baart was very convincing in the dream he shared and to make the dream a reality he will work out his business model even further.”

Impact Award

During this years edition, two Impact Awards were presented for the first time, for scientists and researchers from Amsterdam who have already made their mark in valorisation.

Erik Scherder (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) receives an Impact Award for his important contribution in bringing knowledge about the brain to a wider audience. With his love for the brain and the patient he has meant a lot for many people; from young people with severe injuries to seniors with a cerebral infarction or dementia.

Barbara Baarsma: “He is not only super-inspiring for scientists and students, but also makes ‘ordinary’ Dutch people aware of the fact that caring for your brain is not only important but also fun. His enthusiasm is contagious.”

Marcel van Herk (Netherlands Cancer Institute) receives an Impact Award for his important contribution to the development of image guided radiation therapy. The accuracy of radiotherapy has improved considerably, saving countless lives or prolonging them.

Barbara Baarsma: “Marcel van Herk is a mathematician, it-er and engineer, a human centipede with a heart for medicine. He once dreamed of space travel, but he is so captivated by this subject that he no longer wants it.

Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award in the media:
NU.nl, BNR Radio (from 2:19:28) and NOS Radio 1 Journaal (from 18:05).

Checklist collaboration with software developers for researchers available soon!

Research results are increasingly being given a practical application, like apps, sites, virtual or augmented reality, games, web applications and modules. To do this researchers collaborate with software developers. IXA is developing a checklist to support researchers in this process as well as possible; from selecting software developers to the delivery of applications. The checklist will be available after the summer.

‘Schillenboer’ PeelPioniers raises over a million

2017 AmSIA finalist Sytze van Stempvoort receives with PeelPioniers an investment of over a million from BOM Brabant Ventures, Stichting DOEN and ABN AMRO. The startup uses the money for the construction of a recycling installation for citrus peelings. With the installation, PeelPioneers expects to process 25,000 to 50,000 kilos of citrus peels per day into essential oils and citrus pulp, which are used, among other things, as an ingredient for detergents and as a high-quality supplementary feed for cattle.
Last year their ambition was to become the ‘Schillenboer’ of the 21st century and no longer burn a wonderful resource! With this funding and collaboration they are a step closer to this dream.
Read more
Entrepreneurship education news
International Summer School New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship
Two editions of this summer school will be organized this summer, at the VU campus. During each edition, about 25 students from all over the world will join the interactive sessions. This course follows a sustainable entrepreneurship approach, dealing with all the economic, social and ecological aspects of new ventures. The coordinator of this course is Prof. Enno Masurel, from the School of Business and Economics. He says: ‘It is amazing to see how students from all over the world are able to collaborate in the field of entrepreneurship. The diversity of the student teams clearly contribute to the development of very creative entrepreneurial business ideas’. Read more.

IAS fellowship programme

Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) offers researchers, from and outside the UVA, via fellowships the opportunity to focus and collaborate on a challenging interdisciplinary research topic for max. 6 months. Researchers will do so in an inspiring setting with other research fellows and IAS-affiliated researchers. With the IAS Fellowship the UvA bring together bright and creative minds in an inspiring environment aiming to create the right conditions for new ideas and unexpected discoveries to flourish. Read more.

Pop-up Store KNAP!
Pop-up store KNAP! of KnappeKoppen, together with the AUAS, has given student entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their products and services in one of the busiest shopping streets in Amsterdam; the nine streets. Such an initiative was already set up last year by the Hogeschool van Amsterdam under the name Spott. This concept was successful for many reasons, which is why the AUAS Minor Entrepreneurship cooperates with the POP-UP Store KNAP!.
Events and competitions
Venture Challenge Fall 2018 (deadline 10 September)
A ten-week business development program with boot camps, 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring to develop an initial idea – a breakthrough research result – into a solid business case. Read more and registration.

Golden KIEM Competition 2018
In the Top Sector Chemistry, new businesses that convert results of scientific research into commercial products and services are thriving. These young companies form a vital link between the valorisation of scientific knowledge and solving major societal challenges in the areas of health, food, energy, transport and resources, raw materials and the environment. With their business, the startups contribute to a stronger economic structure of the Topsector Chemistry and the Netherlands. Teams can submit their nominations until 2 October 2018.
Read more
University Startup World Cup (October 8-12, Denmark)
The University Startup World Cup is the leading university startup program and competition where the most promising university talents, corporates, business professionals and entrepreneurs get together for a one-week program in Copenhagen. USWC is organized by Venture Cup, a Danish non-profit organization with more than 16 years of experience hosting startup competitions for university startups. Read more.

News from valorisation program IXAnext
New IXAnext funding: Physics2Market Grant
IXA launched a new type of funding scheme, the Physics2Market Grant, available to Amsterdam researchers who seek ways to transform their physics based project to a practical application. The grant encourages the knowledge utilization of research and make it thus useful for society.

About the Physics2Market grant

With this grant IXA stimulates the receiver to validate physics related research towards exploitation in cooperation with an industrial partner.
The primary purpose of the grant is to perform preparatory activities deemed necessary prior to starting a collaboration with a private (industrial) partner. The budget for each grant ranges between 10 and 35k€. IXA will award the Physics2Market grants to researchers as long as the budget is available. Find the terms and conditions on our website or contact business developers Peter van der Donk (IXA UvA-HvA) or Art Bos (IXA VU). Read more.
SusPhos and Daniel Bonn received the first Physics2Market Grants
IXA has awarded the first Physics2Market Grants to dr. Chris Slootweg of the UvA Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences and to prof. dr. Daniel Bonn of the UvA Institute of Physics. Slootweg and his team received € 35,000 for a technical feasibility study for project SusPhos. With SusPhos, associate professor Slootweg, technician Bas de Jong and researcher Marissa de Boer aim to achieve a circular phosphorus economy and close the gap between research and a practical application with industry.
Bonn, together with Rick Sijs, will deploy the grant for the next step in product development. Goal is to demonstrate the effectiveness of their pesticide adjuvant, which reduces the harmful effect of spraying pesticides. With the outcome they hope to develop a commercially marketable product together with a business partner.
IXAnext program: Talent for innovation
In collaboration with UvA, Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and HvA (AUAS-Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) and the research institutes AMOLF and Nikhef, IXA gives a strong impulse to entrepreneurship, innovation and valorization in the collaborative valorization program ‘IXAnext; Talent for innovation’. The goal of the program is to stimulate economic activity and entrepreneurship in education and research. In the program various initiatives will be launched.
Read more.
News from Demonstrator Lab
Three projects of Demonstrator Lab were awarded with a Take off Grant. GlucoseEasy, an innovation in glucose sensing to monitor glucose in sweat, Attention Architects that enables small entrepreneurs in the developing world to build apps for the billions of people that use simple mobile phones and The Strike F(x) an intelligent boxing bag equipped to monitor strike force and to improve themselves and their sport. With this funding they can investigate their market opportunities. Read more about the rewarded Take-off valorisations grants.
Save the date for Amsterdam Capital Week 24-28 September
Find out everything on how to get funding and get connected to top investors!
Amsterdam Venture Studios organizes a networking event which facilitates investor start-up interactions to explore funding opportunities on Friday 28 September.

Funding news
Innovation fund Noord-Holland helps startups and SMEs with innovation

Entrepreneurs from North-Holland can now call on the Innovation Fund North-Holland. This fund was established by the province of North-Holland, the holding companies of University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC-AMC, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Sanquin. Read more.

ATTRACT initiative
The phase-1 call of the ATTRACT initiative is expected to open 1 August, 2018. ATTRACT is aimed at providing funds for breakthrough technologies in all fields of imaging. These projects must be executed in co-development between academia and industry. The phase-1 projects are 100 k€ and are a requirement for access to the phase-2 projects, which will be in the order of 4 to 5 M€. Read more.

Open calls Take-off program
Take-off is a funding program for stimulating and supporting business and entrepreneurship from academic institutions. Every year there is a spring and autumn call that is open to starters. These open calls offer financing opportunities for entrepreneurial researchers who want to investigate whether their innovative research result can be commercially applied. They can apply for funding for feasibility studies through Take-off phase 1.
The coming autumn round starts in June and closes at the beginning of October. Read more and apply!

Grant news
Rewarded Take-off grants for Amsterdam

Various projects within the Amsterdam knowledge institutions have received funding through a Take-off program from NWO TTW. With this funding, they can further investigate the market opportunities for their products through a feasibility study. The Take-off funding varies between 20-40k€.

Beta / Technical

  • GlucoEasy, Dr. E.L. von Hauff (VU)
  • Holografische emitter, M. Fransen (Nikhef)
  • Ultra-fast analysis of food by SAWN-MS, Prof.dr. G.L. Corthals (UvA)
Alpha / Gamma
  • A neurotech solution for sleep and memory improvement, Dr. L.M. Talamini (UvA)
  • Attention Architects: Eye-trackingonderzoek in de buitenwereld en Mixed Reality, Prof. dr. J.L. Theeuwes (VU)
  • Strike F(x) - the intelligent boxing bag, Dominic Orth (VU)
  • Sustainable Tourism Through Sustainable Business, Dr. P.G. Meirmans (UvA)
  • Zelfi: self-taught learning and reflecting in high school, Dr. S. de Wit (UvA)

Read more about all the rewarded projects.

Start-ups HvA with Take-off funding hbo
Start-ups of HvA students illi Engineering and Cyrcuits have been awarded funding through Take-off hbo. This allows them to further investigate the market opportunities for their products, an interactive painting for people with dementia and a virtual LED opponent for lane sportsmen. Read more about all the rewarded projects.
VU archaeologists receive 8 million euros in European subsidies
VU archaeologists Sjoerd Kluiving and Gert-Jan Burgers have each received a grant of 4 million euros as part of the annual EU-Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (ITN).
This scholarship is intended to train a new generation of creative, enterprising and innovative novice researchers who are able to cope with the current and future challenges and to turn knowledge and ideas into products and services for economic and social well-being. Read more.

Vidi grants awarded
NWO has awarded a Vidi grant of € 800,000 to 11 experienced researchers from the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC-AMC and to 8 experienced VU and Amsterdam UMC-VUmc researchers.

The grant will enable the researchers to develop their own innovative line of research and set up their own research group. Read more

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