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Open Data for Science
Will it hurt or help?

NWO has recently mandated that any research data generated with their funding must be made publicly available to other scientists. The American NSF has an even stronger policy. These policies are motivated by the desire to make research more transparent and verifiable, and to increase the efficiency of the scientific process. And indeed, the internet has made sharing of research data much easier.

But for scientists there are also substantial barriers between the dream of data sharing and daily scientific practice: Will I not be giving away my competitive advantage by sharing my research data? How do I know a shared dataset is of sufficient quality? And is it really so easy to just plug-and-play with somebody else's dataset?

In this VU mini-symposium on Open Data these issues will be discussed by Jos Engelen, chairman NWO and VU scientists. A panel of different stakeholders from different fields, with different opinions, and indeed different interests.
Afterwards, Lex Bouter, rector magnificus, will moderate a discussion on the basis of the presented views.

Join us for this symposium and share your insights on open data!

Mini-symposium Open Data
Thursday, March 15, 2012
15.00-17.00 hrs
Atrium (Medical Faculty), VU University  Amsterdam
Van der Boechorststraat 7, 1081 BT Amsterdam

More information and registration

Please forward this invitation to other colleagues who might be interested.

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