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New ABRI Scientific Director and ABRI Director Doctoral Education
As of September 1, dr. Philipp Tuertscher follows Prof.dr. Wouter Stam as new ABRI Scientific Director. Philipp is Associate Professor of Technology and Innovation at the KIN Center for Digital Innovation. Philipp has been an ABRI Fellow since he joined Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2013, and since 2018 he has been the programme director of the ABRI research master Business in Society. Since January 2020, Philipp was also ABRI Director Doctoral Education. In this role, he has worked together with Wouter Stam to develop the new ABRI PhD Program.
Also as of September 1, dr. Maria Tims will join our team as the new ABRI Director of Doctoral Education. Maria is Associate Professor at SBE’s Management & Organization department. She holds a PhD in Work and Organizational Psychology, which, in combination with HRM and OB knowledge, provides a fruitful background to support our doctoral students in their PhD trajectories. Maria has ample experience in supervising PhD students and is also involved in ABRI’s executive PhD program as a 2nd year coordinator of quantitative research projects.

ABRI thanks Wouter Stam for all his efforts to support the ABRI research community, and wishes Maria and Philipp success in their new roles.
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