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Jay Zenkic receives several awards for his doctoral research on consumer decision making
Jay Zenkic, a doctoral student registered at the University of Melbourne and supervised by Kobe Millet (SBE marketing department), Jill Lei (University of Melbourne), and Nicole Mead (Schulich School of Business, York University), has recently received several distinguished awards for his doctoral research. His work examines how the qualities of cash money influence (consumer) decision making in the contexts of spending and saving, tipping, and bargaining.
He finds that even people in developing economies will spend more when in possession of coins than equivalent banknotes, that people tip less when in possession of smaller rather than larger denominations, and that people will punish others for offering them lower quality money while keeping better quality money, despite the financial value being equal. These awards include the following. First, he has received the Sheth Foundation Award 2020 from the Association of Consumer Research (ACR) for the public purpose of research. Second, he also received first prize in the Business and Economics in Service of Humanity (BESH) Doctoral Research Awards 2020. Most recently, he was one of the top three finalists and awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2021 Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP) Dissertation Proposal Competition. Notably, the ACR and SCP awards are among the highest honors a doctoral student in Consumer Behavior can receive. Jay will defend his doctoral dissertation this summer.
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