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2018 week 42
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Info session Part-Time PhD programme - 18 October

Enrolment for the 2019 cohort of the Part-time PhD programme in Business Studies is now open. Executives and management practitioners who aspire a PhD degree are invited to apply.
To obtain more information about the programme and to discuss potential research topics, prospective PhD candidates are welcome to attend our upcoming information sessions.

This year, the information sessions are scheduled on Thursday, October 18 and Monday, November 12. For more information and registration for the next session please click here.

Introduction Meeting PhD candidates SBE - 19 October
In this meeting which will be held in HG-1D06 Forum 2 at 15:30 we will give PhD candidates information on the procedures for the PhD trajectory (doctorate regulations, courses, teaching, Hora Finita) and the facilities that the School of Business and Economics can offer.
After the introduction we will have drinks in the Basket at 16:45.
Conference Reshaping Work - 25/26 October
Reshaping Work is an international and multidisciplinary conference that offers a vibrant space to collectively rethink work in the platform economy.
The 25th & 26th of October 2018, academics, policymakers, business leaders and platform workers will come together to experience the future of work and find ways to shape it. We will convene this group of people during a two-day conference held in Amsterdam. Participants will get the latest insights, not only from policymakers, academics and business leaders, but also from gig workers themselves.

The Reshaping Work conference will take place on the 25th & 26th October 2018, at the Student Hotel in Amsterdam. For practical information, please consult our website: https://reshapingwork.net/. To ensure you stay up-to-date, please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
Femke van Horen in Panel of KennisCafé

People who see images of elderly people walk a little slower, unless they find elderly people stupid. If you see a can of Pepsi in the film Home Alone then the chance that you order Coca Cola is smaller. On our own, we flee from a room that fills with smoke, but if there are others who just sit down, we do the same. If we smell freshly baked cookies, we want to buy them and in an elevator with strangers we all look in the same direction.


Research into manipulation, influencing, priming, nudging, anchoring, stimulation abound. Advertisers do it for sure, your environment may also do it, even our own government uses these resources to give citizens a push in the right direction.
Are we really so easy to influence - without being aware of it?

Dedicated to this question was the 16 October edition of the KennisCafé. The KennisCafé is a co-production of: KNAW, De Volkskrant, NEMO KennisLink and De Balie. The panel consisted of Prof. Denise de Ridder, Dr. Eva van den Broek and Dr. Femke van Horen of the Marketing Department of the Vrije Universiteit.

Please watch her appearance here.

Why CEOs Devote So Much Time to Their Hobbies
Why CEOs Devote So Much Time to Their Hobbies? Because it may help them to become better leaders, Emilia Bunea, Svetlana Khapova and Evgenia Lysova explain in a well-received article that has been published in Harvard Business Review on October 8.

The authors investigated the reasons why CEO’s devote so much time on their hobbies. Interestingly, as the article reveals serious leisure time may be helpful for someone to become a better leader. Various conclusions were drawn explaining why for CEO’s taking time from their already impossibly busy schedules for devoting it on non-work activities can be proved to have positive implications on their work.
Seemingly, finding passion at, and outside of, work is found to be quite common for those in leadership positions and apparently offers a lot more than stress relief. True passions seem to offer detachment time from the increasing stress of business life as it is a time where one is able to ‘switch off’ and disconnect from everything else- something which in turn is proves to be beneficial for better job performance-. Passionate leisure time may help develop coping strategies for the ever-increasing demands of top jobs; it gives a necessary human sense of ‘full control’, a feeling often missing at workplace; teaches ways to build deeper, quality connections within a team; offers an understanding of the best strategies of leading others to successful results and ultimately, helps create a better and more influential, humble leader by offering challenges awakening the passion to improve and reach new levels of mastery.

The article has been selected in the top 10 hotlist of HBR. For the article please click here.
October 29 | 12:00 - 14:00 | 8A-44
ARCA Seminar David Bedford | The implications of comprehensive performance measurement system design for generating and managing TMT conflict | Register here
November 2 | 12:30 - 17:30 | VU University
Masterclass Digital Platforms & Ecosystems | Hans Berends, Fleur Deken, Hakan Ozalp
November 9 | 12:00 - 13:00 | HG-06A37
Lunch Seminar Joris Ebbers | The perceived value of multi-dimensional intra-incubator entrepreneurial networks and new venture performance
November 12 | 18:00 – 19:30 | Forum 4, room HG 1D-12
Info session Part-Time PhD programme | Meeting 2 of 2 | Register here
Novermber 14 | 17:00 | Vrije Universiteit
KIN Information Evening: Executive Programme | Register here
December 6 | 14:00 - 19:00 | Vrije Universiteit
KIN Talent Event: Meet Your Match
December 7 | TBA | Vrije Universiteit
Masterclass Culturele Duurzaamheid “van statushouder naar talent”




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