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Inge Oskam successfully defended her dissertation
On October 16, at 9:45 in the Aula Inge Oskam successfully defended her dissertation titled "Shaping sustainable business models: Stakeholder collaboration for sustainable value creation".
Inge Oskam is professor Circular Design and Business at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology and obtained her PhD at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She also worked for TNO and as a management consultant, gaining experience in innovation management, business strategy and applied research. Her main research interests include business modelling, cross-sectoral collaboration and design research related to sustainable technology and circular economy.
How overconfidence helps win elections
The United States has passed 8 million Covid-19 cases, but President Trump still continues to express confidence in the country’s ability to recover.

His recent first-hand experience with the virus seems to have even boosted his optimistic outlook, flouting pandemic protocols and returning to public events and rallies immediately following his return from hospital.

Trump’s optimism stands in sharp contrast to the recommendations of scientists and healthcare professionals, who emphasize the importance of tight restrictions on public gatherings and social contact.

But Trump’s brash confidence in the face of a global pandemic should come as no surprise. Even prior to the 2016 election that brought him to power, he had displayed himself as an overconfident egoist with little regard for truth or the well-being of others. Why then didn’t Trump’s overconfidence scare off voters back in 2016? And why does it still seem to win him support in the lead up to the coming elections?


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