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2019 week 3
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KIN Talk Lydia van Schaik - 18 January

The concept is simple. KINTalks is an event where inspiring practitioners are invited to talk about their work experience in the field of innovation, digital technology, business and/or design. Key here is sharing knowledge and firing up debate. It seems that there are (too) little moments where academics and practitioners meet. KINTalks helps: 1) to encourage a conversation around shared interests; 2) to learn from each other and 3) to network and nurture lasting relationships. Overall, it is an opportunity to get inspired and energized.

In our upcoming KINTalks on January 18th we invited Lydia van Schaik, Manager Mobile Apps and Capabilities at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to give a talk about innovation and mobile apps at KLM.

Please register here when you would like to join the KIN Talk on January 18. If you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us (kintalks.sbe@vu.nl).

VU New Year’s Gala 2019 - 24 January

All students and members of staff are warmly invited to attend the ceremony on 24 January, from 15:45.

Location: Auditorium VU Main building

For the first time, the VU will be awarding all teaching prizes at the same time during the VU New Year’s Gala. We plan to celebrate the New Year in style, shining a spotlight on the ambitions of our students and staff.

The awards ceremony will be hosted by writer Ernest van de Kwast, who will interview the nominees and the winners. Get out your best outfit, come to the VU New Year’s Gala and raise your glass to the New Year!

For the programme and registration please click here.

Inaugural Address prof.dr. M.H.P. Kleijnen - 25 January
Searching for information via websites, shopping with your mobile in the store and ordering your groceries via robots. Anything is possible. From one "touchpoint" to the other and back again. But how do customers and companies deal with this cacophony of contact moments? How do we compose a good customer experience in a world in which the role of technology is constantly increasing? And is creating the optimal customer experience actually the ultimate goal?

In her inaugural lecture, Mirella Kleijne examines what these challenges mean for academics and practice. 25 January at 15:45 in the Aula.
MSc Business Administration Passes NVAO Accreditation

On January 8 2019, an NVAO committee visited VU Amsterdam for the accreditation of the fulltime and parttime Master programs in Business Administration, and for the upcoming independence of the Master programs in Digital Business & Innovation, Financial Management, and Transport & Supply Chain Management. The NVAO is the accreditation organization of Dutch and Belgian universities, and each university program needs to be assessed every 6 years as a form of quality assessment.

After the previous NVAO accreditation round, all SBE Master programs have been thoroughly redesigned, and these new programs started in the academic year 2017-2018. In this sense, the accreditation was a good evaluation of the changes that have been made, and an assessment of whether the programs are going in the right direction.


Some of the feedback from the previous round included a need for better integration with practice and preparation for the labor market, and more coherent programs with clear learning goals. These – and other – issues were taken into account during the redesign of the programs and have been significantly improved.

The committee was very positive in its assessment of the programs. Last November, the Bachelor programs in Business Administration (Bedrijfskunde) and International Business Administration, as well as the joint VU-UVA Master program in Entrepreneurship already passed the accreditation. Now, the fulltime and parttime Master programs in Business Administration also passed the accreditation without any issues. The three programs that will become independent also received a positive assessment, and their process towards becoming independent Master programs will continue.

One important thing to mention is that both for the Bachelor and Master programs, the committee mentioned that we have a very high quality and dedicated teaching staff. This is a well-deserved compliment to all our colleagues, whom we sincerely thank for all their hard work in the programs!

January 28-29 | TBA | Vrije Universiteit
Two-day Masterclass 'People Analytics for HR Leaders' | Register here
January 29 | 12:00 - 13:00 | OZW-6B04
ABRI Lunch Seminar Mary Beth Watson-Manheim | How Many is Too Many? Investigating Multiple Team Membership | Register here
January 29 | 16:00 | 5A-37
PhD Research Seminar | Friederike Wüsteney | Social Capital and International Careers – What do we know and what do we still need to know?
January 31 | 13:45 | Aula
PhD Defence Nienke Hofstra | Individual decisionmaking in operations: A behavioral perspective
February 1 | 23:59 | St. Gallen
Deadline Global Essay Competition St. Gallen
February 1 | 12:00 - 13:00 | OZW-6B01
ABRI seminar Murat Tarakci | The race to cure Ebola: Do innovation races help or hurt innovation performance of alliances? | Register here




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