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2019 week 20
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ARCA Seminar Marie-Laure Vandenhaute - 20 May

Marie-Laure Vandenhaute (Universiteit Antwerpen) will present her paper (coauthored with Kris Hardies) titled: “The Effect of Audit Partner Equity Incentives on Audit Quality”.

For the abstract please click here.

To register for the ARCA seminar, please send an email to l.m.abinta@vu.nl.

M&O Research Seminar Frank den Hond - 23 May

 Professor Frank den Hond (Hanken School of Economics and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) will hold a research seminar titled "Insights from The Machine Stops to better understand rational assumptions in algorithmic decision-making and its implications for organizations". 

It will be held on 23 May from 12:30 - 13:30 in the pantry areau of the fourth floor. For the abstract and a short biography please click here.

Limperg Symposium Statistical Auditing 2019 - 22 May
During the past eleven symposia, there was frequent discussion about whether and how accountants can make their substantive audit more efficient if it is suspected, or it has been determined, that the quality of the population to be audited is favorable compared to the set norm. During the twelfth symposium of the Statistical Auditing Steering Group on 22 May 2019, various speakers from different angles will take a closer look at the situation where this isn't the case. What can the statistics offer? Can we separate the wheat from the chaff with brutal computing power? For the full programme (in Dutch) and registration please click here. It will be held on 22 May from 13:30 till 17:20 in the Auditorium.
Florian Zapkau wins Best Paper Award VHB.
The article, written by Florian Zapkau and co-authored by Christian Schwens and Keith Brouthers titled "Limits to international entry mode learning in SMEs” has received the Best Paper Award by the International Management section of the VHB.

The VHB is the German Academic Association for Business Research and pursues the development of business research and business studies as an academic discipline at universities. It represents the German-speaking region rather than only Germany. VHB membership includes most of the university professors of business research in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein as well as the German-speaking parts of Switzerland and Italy.


Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to ABRI’s annual barbecue!

The event will take place on Tuesday June 11 from 17:00 - end at the Tuinzaal (in the W&N Building– use entrance 1081).
Please let us know whether you plan to join by filling in the form  before June 4. Please include your dietary wishes in case you have any.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,
The ABRI team
May 28 | 12:00 - 13:00 | HG-5A37
ABRI Lunch Seminar Jorgen Sandberg | Pre-understanding: an idea enabler in research | Register here
May 29 | 10:00 - 12:30 | OZW-6A10
ABRI Workshop Jorgen Sandberg | Generating more impactful research through problematization | Register here
May 31 | 0:00 | Vrije Universiteit
Application Deadline Post-Growth Entrepreneurship Course Pilot | Register here
June 5 | 10:30 – 13:00 | HG-5A37
ABRI Symposium | Collaboration and innovation between heterogeneous actors | Register here
June 5 | 13:45 | Aula
PhD Defence Jochem Hummel | Collaboration and innovation between heterogeneous actors
June 11 | 16:00 | 5A-37
PhD Research Seminar Jesse Vullinghs | A dynamic perspective on Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) theory
June 11 | 17:00 | Tuinzaal
ABRI Barbecue | Register here
June 13-14 | TBA | Vrije Universiteit
CIGAR Conference | Alternative views on Public Sector Accounting and Financial Management | Register here
June 19 | 09:15 - 17:30 | Vrije Universiteit
Masterclass SERVUS | The Gentle Art of Helping | Register here
June 19-21 | TBA | Vrije Universiteit
Business and Society Research Seminar 2019
June 24-27 | TBA | Vrije Universiteit
KIN Summer School 2019
June 26 | 09:45 | Aula
PhD Defence Daniel Sagath | Entrepreneurship in the Dutch space sector: The role of institutional logics, legitimacy and business incubation
June 26 | 13:00 - 15:00 | Forum 2 (1D-06)
Symposium Entrepreneurship and innovation in the space sector | Please register
June 28 | 12:00 – 13:00 | HG-07A37
ABRI Lunch Seminar M. Lynne Markus | Causality: Theory and Method | Registere here
June 28 | 16:30 - 17:30 | Pantry 5th floor
KIN Talk Jaya Baloo | Register here
July 1 | 13:45 | Aula
PhD Defence Gerben de Jong | National carriers, market power and consumer loyalty
July 5 | 11:45 | Aula
PhD Defence R.A. van Zanten | Topondernemers en top-CEO’s in Nederland
August 9-13 | TBA | Boston, USA
Symposium: ‘Algorithms at Work: Tales from the Field of Artificial Intelligence’
August 15 | 0:00 | Vrije Universiteit
Application Deadline Winter Conference FOM | Register here
October 24/25 | TBA | Amsterdam
Conference Reshaping Work




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