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Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2015!
IXA valorisation news
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Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2015!
Just 5 days left to submit your idea for the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award

Do you have an innovative and useful idea with commercial or societal impact?
Take 10 minutes and send us your idea before April 7th and have a chance to win € 10,000,-!

Participating in this contest will give you an excellent opportunity to develop your idea further and explore its potential. The jury, chaired by Alexander Rinnooy Kan, will select 10 finalists based on innovativeness, feasibility and fulfilment of a market need. In preparation of the finale, the finalists will receive a professional pitch training and support from the business developers of IXA.
For more information and submission of proposals

IXA valorisation news
New method to remove cyanide from industrial waste water

Chemists at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) have discovered a new method for removing cyanide from the waste water of steel mills. The removal of cyanide from such water is expensive but essential. Paula Oulego Blanco, Dr Raveendran Shiju and Prof. Gadi Rothenberg from the UvA’s Sustainable Chemistry research priority area discovered a way to do this faster, cheaper and more efficiently. Read more

Can a robot build a relationship with elderly?

In the future, more and more elderly may become lonely. In order to meet future care demands for elderly who are lonely and suffering from dementia, carebot Alice has been developed. Can a robot build a human relationship with someone and thus replace a person of flesh and blood? That is te central question in Alice Cares, the documentary about the 'sociobot' Alice. Alice has been developed by research group SELEMCA (including VU). SELEMCA has tried with the use of the community care and family to find out how Alice should behave in order to ensure that loneliness doesn’t get grip on elderly. Read more (Dutch)

VMBO youngsters are eating healthier thanks to DOiT

Girls who followed the program DOiT (Dutch Obesity Intervention in Teenagers), drank less soda and boys ate breakfast more often, but yet this didn’t affect their weight. This was the outcome of the research of Femke van Nassau (VUmc). In the teaching program DOiT, developed by VUmc, it’s all about healthy diet and exercise. It is intended to prevent obesity among VMBO pupils. Nassau obtained her PhD on 27 February. Read more (Dutch)

E-nose in the consulting room
Detecting Lung diseases with an electronic nose ... that is what AMC will study in practice the coming months. These so-called e-nose can find lung diseases such as asthma and COPD in exhaled air. A diagnosis can be made in a relatively simple manner! Together with the Long Fund and the Friends Lottery e-nose is actually released as soon as possible in the consulting room. Read more (Dutch)
Dekker finances eight start-ups
Eight academic start-ups, including LUMICKS and Madam Therapeutics, have received grants of 250,000 euros from Deputy Secretary Sander Dekker. With that amount LUMICKS, a spin off from VU University, will focus further on the development of live images of DNA. Madam Therapeutics will focus on artificial antibacterial proteins. Madam Therapeutics uses research findings from LUMC and AMC to combat infection with bacteria. Read more

VU and VUmc start OncoKompas2.0

VU University Amsterdam and VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam launch the Oncokompas2.0, in collaboration with the Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland (IKNL) and patient association Levenmetkanker. Oncokompas2.0 is an online self-management tool which supports a cancer patient to find the most relevant information and accompanying care in the area of quality of life, tailored to the personal health situation and preferences.
Read more

Grant Opportunities
GSK Discovery Fast Track Challenge

Do you have a drug discovery concept you’re eager to explore? The Discovery Fast Track Challenge is your opportunity to win a partnership with GSK—helping to develop new medicines from your innovative ideas. This is an ongoing program designed to encourage partnership between academia and GSK. You supply the concept. GSK supply the drug discovery expertise and access to our vast scientific resources. Read more

NWO grant, Added Value through Humanities

Added Value through Humanities provides grants for experienced researchers in the field of humanities wishing to start a collaboration with public and/or private partners or to strengthen an already existing collaboration. Added Value through Humanities is intended to support public-private partnerships in the field of humanities research. The grant not only helps researchers in setting up public-private collaborations; it is also meant to encourage public and private partners to collaborate with knowledge institutions. Read more

Geerten van Nieuw Amerongen - GSK Challenge winner 2014

A step closer to a cure for vascular leakage
Researcher Geerten van Nieuw Amerongen of VUmc is one of the winners of the GSK Discovery Fast Track Challenge 2014. Together with researchers and by using facilities of GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) Van Nieuw Amerongen will be able to develop a better drug for vascular leakage. His proposal was, along with 14 other proposals, selected from 428 entries. Read more

Giulia De Luca wins Upcoming Scientist Award at Innovation for Health 2015

Giulia De Luca won the Upcoming Scientist Award at the Innovation for Health conference held in Amsterdam in February. At the conference she presented a poster on her research project at the Van Leeuwenhoek Centre of Advanced Microscopy (LCAM). Read more

Photanol and AkzoNobel collaboration wins Bio Business Award

The collaboration between the University of Amsterdam (UvA) spin-off company Photanol and the chemical group AkzoNobel has been awarded the WBM Bio Business Award 2015 in the category of Bio-based Chemical Collaborations. The award winners were announced 2 March during a festive ceremony at the National Maritime Museum.
Read more

Take-off, a new stimulus for academic entrepreneurship in the humanities and social sciences

Three projects of VU and UvA received a STW take-off grant for a feasibility study. The Online Friendship Course 50+ of Tamara Bouwman (VU), Sales-based research: a new way to gather consumer insights of Bram Kuijken (UvA) and the Interactive Walkway of Melvyn Roerdink (VU). With this Take-off grant  academic entrepreneurs gain time and resources to explore if their plan or pilot is technically and commercially feasible for knowledge utilization. The funding is much needed in the humanities and social sciences. Read more (Dutch)

Breakfastsessions on valorisation

IXA organises a serie of workshops in the form of breakfast sessions on various topics of valorisation. The workshops are very practical and aimed to get you started immediately. Read more

Putting your network to use

Valorisation implies contacting external parties in search for cooperation or exchanging knowledge. Many individuals and organisations worth approaching are already in your current network and may prove excellent partners to cooperate with, reflect on your ideas, or connect you with others. In this workshop we make an inventory of your goals, your story and a visualization of your current network and on how to act on its contents, to get a better overview. Date: Thursday 16 April 2015, 8:30 till 10:30. For more information and registration

How to cooperate with external partners?

You have interesting research results, and you hope they can benefit society? To bring them to societal use, a company has to take interest. But how do you know your results are interesting for a company? What does a company need to be willing to invest in further research or in taking a license? In this workshop you will meet industry and technology transfer representatives. They will give you an overview of what industry is looking for, and how to prepare for talking to industry. Date: Thursday 23 April 2015, 8:30 till 10:30. For more information and registration

Pontes Medical Expert Meeting

Thursday, April 30th 2015 from 13:00 - 18: 00h, the fifth edition of the Pontes Medical Expert Meeting will take place at VU University Medical Center Amsterdam. This is the annual meeting place for doctors, entrepreneurs, companies and investors for the development of new medical equipment and instruments. The theme is "the care of 2035, innovation opportunities for medical technology."
Wouter Bos will open the Expert Meeting. The program will consist of inspirational keynotes, workshops, market of medical instruments, pitches from companies and health care providers, demonstrations. For more information and registration (Dutch)

Save the date for grand Finale of Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award
On Wednesday, 27 May ten finalists will present their ideas arising from their research to the public and the jury in an elevator pitch. The jury, chaired by Prof. Alexander Rinnooy Kan then decides who will win the € 10,000 prize money. The finale takes place at the Amsterdam University College at Science Park.
Do you want to hear these new and innovative ideas? Sign up here for the for the Grand Finale of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2015!
Date: Wednesday 27 May 2015 15:00 till 17:00.
News from Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship
Bootcamp by ACE Venture Lab - Learn how to build your company

ACE Venture Lab organizes a 5-day Bootcamp for researchers, senior scientists and MSc students from 11th to the 15th of May - Learn how to build your company. We invite a team of Silicon Valley specialists and startup experts to mentor you on launching your business. Interested to join? Read more about the program and apply before 1st of May. For questions contact us at

Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences - PhD Course 2015

Do you want to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovation with a special focus on health and life sciences? About business opportunities, value capturing, spin offs, patents and competition?
This course provides knowledge about and insight in the relevance of entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of Health and Life Sciences. The course also offers an opportunity to develop concrete business cases based on your own research and aims to raise your interest in becoming a life science entrepreneur yourself. Date: 22 May and 2 July 2015. For more information and application

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