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IXA valorisation news
Cancer patients back in control with digital tool Oncokompas

Oncokompas is an eHealth tool that assists you after you've been diagnosed with cancer and in the years after diagnosis. By filling out a carefully constructed questionnaire users get specific advice based on their situation, whenever they want to. Oncokompass is developed by the research group "Samen leven met kanker". The group is headed by prof.dr. Irma M. Verdonck-de Leeuw, professor of psychosocial oncology at Vrije Unversiteit (VU) Amsterdam, VU University Medical Center. Several teams of experts, scientists and health professionals that guide everyday people with cancer have been closely involved in the creation of Oncokompas.
Read more (only available in Dutch).

StudiStartupJob matches students with startups

Startups need great, flexible talent. Students want relevant part time jobs. StudiStartupJob – a new initiative by StartupAmsterdam, IXA and StudiJob Uitzendbureau – meets those demands and arranges matches between both parties. They want to contribute to Amsterdam’s successful startup ecosystem; after all, startups and scale-ups are becoming an increasingly important part of the Dutch job market. StudiJob has access to a massive pool of UvA, HvA and VU students. Read more.

Looking for the Big Data ecosystem in Amsterdam

FD reports in The ‘Big Data Amsterdam’ series on the Amsterdam Data Science ecosystem where companies and knowledge institutes in Amsterdam collaborate in the area of Big Data.

FD journalist Job Woudt interviews, among others, Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) Researcher Frans Feldberg (VU), and Max Welling (UvA) on their Big Data Collaboration.

The platform Amsterdam Data Science consists of 600 scientists and other stakeholders from the University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the University of Applied Science Amsterdam and the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI).
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Stop the bleeding course on television

This week on Tuesday, February 28 a part of the television broadcast of ZorgNu was dedicated to the course Stop the Bleeding - Save a life. The TV programs on topics in health care can be seen on "Uitzending gemist".

During an intensive and interesting 'burger' course in the VU University Medical College, trauma surgeon Leo Geeraedts a group of 12 lay explains how to recognize and stop life-threatening bleeding. With simple actions to save lives in attacks or accidents involving life-threatening blood loss. Read more.

In the spotlight
Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award

Sign up with your idea and have a chance to win €10,000.
The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award is the Amsterdam competition for innovative ideas with a societal and/or commercial impact. Deadline for registration is Wednesday 22 March 2017.

Participating in this contest will give you an excellent opportunity to develop your idea further, explore its potential, propose your idea to an experienced jury and share it with the public and companies.
Read more.

Please look at our invitation to participate: 

Network Institute – Science meets business, Thursday 18 May (VU)
Together with IXA VU & VUmc, The Network Institute organizes a Science meets Business session between research, industry and public organisations. Purpose of the meeting is to strengthen the collaboration between researchers and businesses and (semi) government in realising concrete innovative cooperation projects. For promising collaborations the Network Institute offers three research vouchers with a value of € 5,000. each.
Examples of topics researchers want to explore with companies are Linked open data, crowd sourcing methods, visualisation, self-replicating and evolving robots. Participating organisations are also invited to bring in their research and innovation questions.

What societal changes occur due to the introduction of new digital technologies? And what societal problems can digital technologies solve?

Date: 18 May 2017 from 15:45 – 18:00 at Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam.
More information and registration.

Valorisation workshops
Breakfast workshops on valorisation
IXA is organising a new series of workshops in the form of breakfast sessions on various valorisation topics. The breakfast workshops are open to all scientists from AMC, HvA, UvA, VU, VUmc and NWO Institutes. Participation is free of charge and breakfast will be served. The workshops are very practical and aimed to get you started immediately. Read more.
The next step in valorisation, Thursday 9 March (Science Park)

How do you make your idea concrete?
Which steps need to be taken to make your idea ready for commercial or societal application? 
In this interactive workshop we show different models to develop your idea one step further: What are the benefits? And which problem will you solve for whom?

You will work on your own idea and at the end of the workshop you are ready to take the next valorisation step. More information and registration.

Presentation skills in network situations, Thursday 6 April (VU)

Valorisation implies contacting external parties in search for cooperation or exchanging knowledge. In this skill training you learn how to get attention for yourself and your idea or research in networking situations. During this workshop we also briefly discuss how to map your network. You will also be able to practice with an actor on your elevator pitch or your presentation.  More information and registration.

Patent workshop, Thursday 20 April (AMC)
What is a patent? Why should I apply for it?
What can I use it for? What’s in it for me?
What are the criteria for patentability?

The workshop will deal with these and other topics on patenting and offers a highly interactive program, with much room for questions and discussions.
More information and registration
Other workshops are How to finance your idea (18 May), How to collaborate with external partners (11 May) and Intellectual Property and Research Contracts (15 June). Read more.

News from ACE Venture Lab
Venture Lab Humanities Bootcamp

This February, for the first time, ACE Venture Lab organized a Humanities Bootcamp, simultaneously with our regular Tech- and Science Bootcamp. The  Venture Lab Humanities project is currently running in a pilot version until the end of the academic year. It aims to inspire the Humanities students and raise their interest in entrepreneurship, help them explore the viability of their creative ideas and facilitate the students in starting their own innovative company. Read more.

Zazu is winner of the ACE Ventrue Lab Tech/Science Bootcamp

Start-up news

Venture Café - Nano-lithography: Science with a mission
Join the next Venture Café on Thursday, March 16. ACE Venture Lab is pleased to announce that Joost Frenken, director of ARCNL, will give an introductory presentation on the most important uses of nano-lithography and talk about some exciting developments in the field of nano-lithography research. Venture Café is also a great opportunity to meet and connect with the ACE Venture Lab & Startup Village network. More information and registration.
Funding and grant news
Awarded grants

Thirteen researchers to visit UvA with Marie Curie Fellowship and Prestigious Vici grant for four scientists UvA. Read more.

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