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issue 6 - December 2017
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louisamc Louis Vermeulen appointed professor at AMC
AIOS Louis Vermeulen (33 years old) has been appointed Professor Molecular Oncology at AMC. In Medisch Contact he explains that being an excellent researcher does not automatically make you a great doctor, and that he is eager to be both: “It's good to see clinicians who are also involved in fundamental research. They are better able to assess the value of other research studies, and translate these to the clinical setting. This double role also helps them to ask the right research questions.”
retraite Don't miss the CCA-retreat in February 2018
The retreat will take place from Thursday 15 February till Friday 16 February 2018, at the Leeuwenhorst Conference Center in Noordwijkerhout. You really don’t want to miss this second edition. It will feature a scientific programme with renowned national and international speakers, an award ceremony for the best publications and PhD dissertation and ample space for PhD and postdoc presentations and much, much more! We look forward to seeing you in February.
jimenez Publication in the Annals of Internal Medicine
While colorectal cancer screening already saves many thousands of lives, there is still room for improvement. By looking at a combination of specific proteins rather than at a single blood protein, it is possible to detect substantially more cases of colorectal cancer and advanced adenomas. The study describing these findings was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The research team was led by CCA's Connie Jimenez and Gerrit Meijer of the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

pegtel cell IN THE MEDIA: Japanese TV
The Japanese broadcaster NHK visited CCA and the O 2-building to shoot footage for their series 'The Human Body'. They interviewed Michiel Pegtel, who shared his movie of a live-cell imaging of exosome release from a cancer cell. He will soon publish an article entitled 'Quantifying exosome release from MVBs in single cells reveals a modulatory role for GPCR signaling' in Journal of Cell Biology. NHK will broadcast the documentary on Japanese television in March 2018, and later on American and French TV. René Musters and Jeroen Kole were also involved in the visit.

investeringen Grants, awards & people

Martin Klein received the ‘Award for Excellence of Applied Neuro-Oncology’ at the 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting and Education Day of the Society for Neuro-Oncology in San Francisco.

Floor Postema won the Klokhuis Wetenschapsprijs for her screeninginstrument for children with cancer.

Josephine Dorsman, Annette Moll and Armida Fabius received a ERA-NET TRANSCAN-grant of more than a million euros for 'New strategies to detect cancers in carriers of mutations in RB1:  blood tests based on tumor-educated platelets, or exosomes.'

Dr. Omidreza Firuzi (from Iran) received a NWO Visitor Travel grant for the CCA Pharmacology Lab. The inviting senior scientists are Dr. E. Giovannetti and Prof. G.J. Peters.

Suresh Senan has been appointed Scientific Director for the lung cancer programme of the European School of Oncology.

Maria Themeli won the VIVA400-award in the category 'Knappe Koppen' ('bright sparks').

do not forget Practical information

-Click here to find information about grant support and services covering both personal grants and collaborative projects for AMC and VUmc researchers.

-PPS-grants: the deadline for 'TKI-toeslag' is 15 January 2018. More information at Information Exchange Amsterdam:

qualitytime Coming up...
Fall Meeting of the Netherlands Proteomics Platform, 22 January 2018

EORTC-conference, 'A Matter of Life or Death', 1-3 February 2018

Symposium Adriaan Lammertsma, 2 February 2018

Course Using R for Data Analysis, 12-15 February 2018.

2nd annual CCA Retreat - 15-16 February 2018.

Check the complete calendar for the coming months.

true What else is new....

Scientist wanted!

is a platform for young scientists. The aim is to improve contact and interaction between young scientists and the general public. For a pilot study they are looking for PhD-students interested in public outreach.

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