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Key-note at World Buiatrics Conference
At the World Buiatrics Conference (WBC) in Dublin last July, GD R&D manager prof. Theo Lam gave a key-note presentation on the Dutch approach of decreasing antibiotic usage in dairy cows. He not only talked about technical aspects of antibiotic usage, he also paid much attention to the mindset of farmers and practitioners.

Since 2008 national attention is given in the Netherlands to decrease antibiotic usage in the animal husbandry. GD was heavily involved in this process in several species, including cattle. Apart from several organisational aspects in different species, a number of research projects was executed, of which studies on the dynamics of MRSA and ESBL on dairy farms, the introduction of selective dry cow therapy, and studies on point of care mastitis diagnostics are a few examples. Results of the latter two were also presented in Dublin, by GD experts Christian Scherpenzeel and Annet Velthuis.

In Dublin, prof. Theo Lam also received a honorable award for having been Board member of the World Buiatrics Association for 16 years. Photo: Chairman prof. Emile Bouchard handing out the award to prof. Lam.
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The principal goal of GD Animal Health is 'Teaming up for animal health, in the interest of animals, their owners and society at large'. Good health is in the interest of animals and contributes to sustainable farming. This work fulfils the wishes of a society that wants food that is tasty, safe and healthy. GD Animal Health has been working on these goals for almost a hundred years.

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GD: Your animal health consultant
GD Animal Health acts as partner in many international programmes related to animal health, such as disease-control programmes, monitoring programmes, the establishment of veterinaty diagnostics labs, and lab capacity building projects. Our consultants have extensive worldwide expertise in supporting farm managers and their veterinarians with specific disease problems. We also successfully assist with improving milk quality, stable climate-control and feeding.

Some examples of previous projects are:
  • consultancy to improve pig health and reduce antibiotic usage;
  • supporting dairy farms in finding causes and solutions for their unsufficient milk production;
  • animal health partner for a large poultry integrator, including regular farm visits to train the people in sustainable production;
  • advice in setting-up animal health monitoring programs in several countries.
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